Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hump Day

Forester had a lot of leg pain last night and it is now going down to his ankles. :o( This is a typical response to the Vincristine. There is a drug to treat the neuropathy called, Norontin, but he is already on so many medications that we are trying to wait on that. Forester will be on Vincristine for an additional 6 months so it's likely the neuropathy will get worse. Let's pray that doesn't happen!

In spite of the leg pain, he got a lot of sleep last night and was in a good mood this morning when he left for the hospital. Just Forester and Muzzy (my mom) today. Praying for a good one and a healthy appetite!! It's a blessing to have my sister, Katie, here this week. Today she is going to help me continue to organize things around here while we hang out with the babies. Just keeping track of meds is a challenge! We also hope to have the bracelets available on ebay by the end of this week. There have been some logistical kinks that we're still trying to work out.
Thanks for your love and prayers!

*An entertaining video of Forester to be uploaded later today!

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