Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cancer Fears ME!

Pop and Slade wearing their "Cancer Fears ME" doo rags. Too cute!
My dad looks like he's about to hop on his Harley... (no, he doesn't have one).


Heather said...


Zandi said...

oh wowwee I just loved reading the update s today. HAPPY STUFF oh how i hope it continues!! The pics of Slade are just so incredibly beautiful and that smile of hers makes everything seem A.OK!
The videos and news of snacks etc just thrilled me beyond belief! One week left ! We should get a countdown ticker on the blog ( they work better on blogs than facebook anyway) . I am planning on having a glass of wine ( big deal for me!) to celebrate next friday evening. I know its not the end f treatment by a long shot but the end of this chapter in it and THATS cool.