Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Videos to make you SMILE!

Forester just got his very own iPod Nano from The Crossover church (thank you sooo much!) and he LOVES it! He is currently listening to Group 1 Crew "Keys to the Kingdom" over and over and over. He also likes to sing along unaware that everyone else can hear him! I caught him singing the other night..pretty funny.

The other video is just some fun times we had today with Jack and Slade. No one was injured in this video!

(don't forget to scroll down to pause the music so you can hear the videos)


Shannon said...

I love hearing/seeing Forester making a JOYFUL NOISE!! And Jack laughing...nothing cuter than a baby's laugh. Glad you had a breakthrough today with Forester's appetite!! Praises!

lauren said...

LOVE the videos!!!!!!! caroline loves that song and sings it at the top of her lungs. i laughed out loud when jack fell over...i kept thinking it was going to happen :)

Shelli Allen Photography said...

your story touches my heart! you have an amazing faith. my friend lauren shared the blog with me.. God is faithful! you are an incredible witness for him...thank you