Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mom? Can I have a snack?

Yesterday, we were able to get some syrup from the pharmacy to mix into the HORRIBLE Megace that is supposed to stimulate Forester's appetite. Well, the grapey syrup helped and I mixed it in grape juice and he actually drank it! Normally it's hard to get Forester to drink more than 2 sips of anything much less a half a cup! Well, a couple hours later he ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, Zaxby's chicken fingers and fries, and some chocolate milk!! WOOOOO-HOOO!!! He was hungry again a couple hours later but it caused a bit of stress for us because NOTHING sounded good to him but he was "starving". I have all of Publix in my fridge and pantry - no joke. It's ridiculous (and a weight watchers nightmare!). was past 9pm, he needed to go to bed, didn't want anything I offered him and then Pete had to physically carry him to the bedroom with Forester fighting him the whole way. This moment passed quickly, he settled on applesauce, but it is still stressful. We are SO thankful that he's hungry!!! PRAISE GOD!! But, please pray that food sounds good to him...that specific things will pop into his head and that they will also taste good. I've been on many a food run for a specific thing and then when I return he has changed his mind.

This morning Forester woke at 6:45 asking for some cartoons and a snack! Get your praise on people!! He also took his Megace this morning in juice before leaving for the hospital. Yay! Hopefully he'll be hungry throughout the day. Pop took Forester to the hospital today. It will be a longer day. He is having a blood transfusion and already started GCSF shots because his white count is down. This is to be expected of course but it still shocks me every time it happens. Sometimes I can't believe the world we're living in these days. But God is faithful and holding us up. Your prayers are felt and are making a difference. Don't stop! If you know me, you know it's miraculous that I haven't had a nervous breakdown by now. That's your prayers, people! THANK YOU!!

Here is a few pictures of our sweet 4 month old, Slade. She is our sunshine!!


Heather said...

Where did you get those pix done? She is so utterly beautiful!

Alise Nettles said...

Beautiful pics of Slade! We are so happy that Forester is getting his appetite back! We continue to pray for you daily.
One of Zack and Katy's friends,

Tammy H said...

what great pics! She is absolutely beautiful!