Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Please pray for our dear Bradburns. They are weary and stressed, and Forester has had a very rough day. He has yet to eat today. He has cried a lot. He is now crying because his legs and his back hurt. Yes, the back pain is new. :o( He doesn't want to take pain killers because he has to take 7 different medicines every day and some of those 2 or 3 times a day. Sometimes they make him vomit. Who would want to take something thinking it might make him vomit? He's just plain tired of it. Who could blame him? He's lost weight again and has no appetite, so the doctors prescribed Megace, an appetite stimulant, yesterday. Another medication. When Whitney gave it to him last night, he cried and begged to never take it again. She tasted it and said it tastes like a cross between crushed aspirin and bleach and something else. Awesome. And that's supposed to increase your appetite? There is a pill alternative, BUT he'd have to take it 5x a day. Maybe a pharmacist could add flavor but anything sweet makes him nauseous. Ugh! What to do??? He needs to eat. Whitney said his bones are sticking out because of the weight he's already lost.

PLEASE PRAY! Pray for something to give because this is just a cycle of stress. Pray for an end to this winter. Pray for spring to come for Forester and the family. Pray for some sunshine for them. Pray that the Lord's grace and peace and strength and love sustains them this minute and then the next minute, today and then tomorrow because He IS here, loving them, in this season, in the midst of all of this. They need all of our prayers.

Thank you again for your faithfulness!

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