Thursday, February 26, 2009

The CT scan is clear!

Thank you for your prayers! The CT scan is clear!!! Praise God! Please pray now for wisdom for Forester's doctors and nurses re: the proper pain medications for him and how to keep him comfortable without causing too much sedation. Although he is quite groggy, he has been able to communicate when he is in pain. He even asked to watch tv once today, although propping him up in bed caused him pain. Poor baby. :o(

Forester's surgeon explained that it's normal for his condition to seem worse the first few days after surgery. Because he didn't really seem sick before surgery, though, this has been especially hard for Whitney and Pete. He had basketball practice a few days ago, and now he's lying helpless in a hospital bed after brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Whitney especially asked for prayer against anxiety, as this is her automatic response to illness. As I'm sure you can imagine, seeing her baby this way has caused her serious anxiety. Please pray for supernatural peace for Whitney and for her to physically feel the Lord carrying her through this time.

Finally, please pray for communicative and compassionate doctors and nurses and for restful and restorative sleep for Forester and his entire family.

Unless something comes up late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, I will not post again until tomorrow afternoon. Don't worry! I'm headed to Charleston first thing in the morning! I cannot wait! Once there, I will give you a first hand update on my beloved Bradburns.


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The Q family said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all updated and knowing how and what to pray for. I have been praying especially for Whitney. As a mother I can not even imagine and it has all happened so quickly. God is there, He has promised. I am praying He makes His presence known to her in the midst of this.