Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forester update from Tuesday night

Hi everyone! I talked to Whitney tonight. All things considered, she sounded good. She said God has obviously been with them in so many ways today. They all have a long road ahead of them, but they know the Lord will walk with them every step of the way. Here's what I know:

-The MRI showed only the tumor they originally saw on the CT scan. Praise God that Forester's spinal cord was completely clear!
-Forester will be taken from his room at 6:45am for a 7:30am surgery.
-The surgery itself will last 4-5 hours, and he will be away from Pete and Whitney for about 7 hours.
-From the scans, the doctors do believe they will be able to remove the entire tumor. Please pray that this is true.
-He will be in ICU for a few days following surgery and in the hospital for at least a week.
-He will need to have both radiation and chemotherapy, and the full treatment will last about 8 months. No more school for Forester this year.
-If he does not have radiation & chemotherapy, there is a 70% chance the tumor will come back. If he does complete the treatment, there is a 70-80% chance it will NOT.
-He may have a temporary (any where from a day to a year) loss of speech, coordination, etc from the surgery itself since the tumor is in the cerebellum.
-He also may have side effects from the radiation, including cancer in another part of his body. Please pray against all side effects!
-There is a very, very small chance that this is actually another type of tumor that would not require radiation and chemotherapy. Please pray that the doctors are surprised to find out that he does not have medulloblastoma after all!
-Please pray for peace and strength for all of them and that they rest in the Lord's presence in truly supernatural ways.

Thank you!!!


Heather said...

I'm so sorry to read all of this. I'm praying the doctors are very surprised that it does not require chemo and radiation. You have many hearts joining with yours and your family's.

Mama Plett said...

We'll be praying that the tumor does not need chemo & radiation and that Forester can escape much of the possible effects of the surgery.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but my friend Peggy Breckenridge past along the prayer are in our husband is a radiologist at St Francis if you ever need someone to help with the medical "lingo".
Sara Campbell
(My husband - Johnny Campbell)