Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good morning!

Because Forester slept 85-90% of the day yesterday and had not spoken much, the doctors planned another CT scan for today to check for fluid and swelling. Pete just called, though, to let Whitney know that Forester will NOT have the scan because he has been sitting up and talking. In fact, he sent Pop (Whitney's Dad) out to find some chocolate donut holes. Apparently, Pop is taking too long. :o) Forester even stood up for a few minutes. His last IV will be removed today too. Praise the Lord!

I'll work on a longer post now to let you know about our visit last night but thought you all needed an update ASAP.



ckws said...

Wonderful, wonderful news.
Thank you for the update!!!!

The Q family said...

Thank you so much for your update! What great news! Yeah for chocolate doughnut holes!!!!