Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Pete & Whitney saw Forester in the PICU. He did not have a breathing tube (yay!), but it was still really hard. The poor little guy was vomiting. He's resting now.



John said...

We're so glad he's out of surgery. Sorry to hear about him getting sick. We'll pray that he recovers quickly. We love you Bradburns! --The Moores

Taylor said...

Hey Whitney! I'm so thankful to hear that the surgery went well! I'm mostly writing b/c you should inquire about the child life specialist. She or he can help talk with Forester about what is wrong with him, what is happening, etc in an age appropriate way. (they are master's prepared, etc). They can do medical play, etc. Can help teach you ways to decrease his anxiety, etc. ALSO, can work with your other children as they learn about Forester's new diagnosis and treatment!

I HOPE YOU GET THIS!! I will email you too. I know things are crazy busy..but I think that the child life specialist would be very helpful in his recovery!

Tammy H said...

Hey Pete and Whitney, Just wanted to let you know, k-fam is still praying. We will continue to til you tell us to stop!! We are asking God for complete healing. Nothing less. And of course praying for your family, the process, and anything and everything we can. It is 7:00 AM here, Thurs morning, Late Wed night there, and have already had at least 10 kids come and ask me, 'how is Forester?' Love yall!!! Tammy

The Q family said...

We are praying for Forester and for your family. My son, Michael(from Upwards team last year) wanted Forester to know he is praying for his friend. I wish we were close enough to help physically, but please know that we are and will continue to pray for Forester to have healing and peace during this confusing time.