Thursday, February 26, 2009


When I spoke with Whitney a little after 12:30pm EST (forgive me for the delay in posting), Forester had already been moved out of PICU and into his room in the Pediatric Medical/Surgical Unit! Praise the Lord!!! The PICU nurses fell in love with Forester and bragged that he was the best patient they had had in years. His arterial line had been removed, and he and Pete were having some quiet father & son time. Forester made it through the night only on tylenol but did need a little morphine for the pain right before he changed rooms. Forester's new room overlooks the playroom, and hopefully, he will join the other children there in just a few days.

Although we're still waiting for the official MRI results, a close friend of the Bradburns in Radiology/Oncology looked at the films for them and said they look awesome! Whit said he was so excited by what he saw: a complete resection of the tumor!

Before you plan a visit to the hospital, please check the blog for additional information & details. Whitney & Pete need to find a place to meet visitors since they no longer have a waiting room nearby Forester's room. We don't want to overwhelm Forester with visitors in his room. Thank you all for your amazing expressions of love and support!



bereccah said...

That is so fantastic!!!!! I have

Callie Smith said...

We have been praying without have lots of other people! Praise God! We will continue to stand in prayer for Forester. What an awesome God we serve!

Forever Young said...

Great news!!! God is awesome!!!

The Q family said...

We serve such an awesome God!!! We will pray that the news will continue to be so great. Forester and your family will continue to be in our prayers.