Thursday, March 5, 2009

And a quick update

Sorry to keep you all waiting. I still haven't actually spoken with Whitney about the appointment today, but I do have a little information to pass on to you.

Forester did not see Dr. Glazier (the surgeon who performed his surgery) because he is out of town, so he saw someone else. Maybe a resident? Anyway, Forester's incision looks good! Praise! The doctor indicated that the more Forester gets up and moves around the less dizzy he will feel. Well, guess what? He went to Walmart with Pete tonight! Another big praise! They're still awaiting the final pathology report.

As soon as Whitney gives me more details, I will let you know.

Please continue praying!
Thank you, and good night.

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Shannon said...

awesome news--the Wally World trip!
okay..the song that's been added to the blog--tears...I had forgotten that song!