Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the road again

Forester had an uneventful night last night, which is a very good thing. The doctors will decide a little later today whether or not today is the day! Please pray for wisdom for them in making this decision.

I'm leaving Charleston in just a few minutes. Can you believe we will drive through thunderstorms and snow?!?!? on our way back to Atlanta?

As soon as I get home, I'll pass today's updates on to you.



Heather said...

Praying for wisdom for the doctors and peace for the Bradburns. I hope Forester gets stronger by the minute and is in no pain.

Jeff Bein said...

Get more then one opinion. Hold off on radiation until you have to. I am 10 yr survivor of BT. Doc want me to do radiation, I am holding off.

lauren said...

we will miss you, april!!!!! you're the best :)

michigan_herrs said...


I am a mother of a now 8 year old who finished treatment for medulloblastoma in October. I also had just had our 3rd son, Jake when Kevin was diagnosed a year ago Feb. 1st.

I was in your shoes a year ago too. Choosing a protocol is scary and all of the late effects are scary too. We choose to go to St. Jude and the SJMB03. We were offered the double random radiation at our home hospital. But when it comes down to it, with lots of prayer, you will know the right place for your precious Forester. Our family blog has a lot of information about medulloblastoma, please use it if it helps.

I am also here anytime you need, day or night. Other moms who had walked down this road helped me sort a lot of information when we had to choose for Kevin. I called them at 10pm sometimes because that is when I got home from the hospital.

Unfortunately for some of the protocols there is a 30 day time limit for choosing therapy.

At St. Jude we were surrounded by other families going through the exact same thing. I saw lots of kids with cancer.

michigan_herrs said...


I forgot our email is michigan_herrs at

my cell phone is 248-396-6843

I am sorry you all have to go through this.