Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prayer requests for tonight

My heart aches for Pete & Whitney for so many reasons but right now because I know how hard it is to see your child in pain. When he cannot express exactly what's wrong and what he needs, it's even harder.

Although he and the Lord have amazed us all over the last few days, Forester is still recovering from the trauma of brain surgery. He still sleeps most of the day, he still tires so easily, he still hesitates to talk, he still has significant discomfort. Now that he's home and being weaned from his steroids, it seems his discomfort has increased. Pete & Whitney have to determine what's wrong and how best they can help him when he simply answers "uh huh" and "uh uh" to their questions. Please cover the Bradburns in your prayers. Pray for physical comfort for Forester. Pray for clear communication. Pray for peace that passes understanding. Pray for wisdom. Pray for confidence. Pray for rest. As wonderful as it is to have Forester home, it has to be at least a little scary too.

Good night.


TheOzz said...

Praying..."Lord God, we thank You for bringing this family back under one roof. We know that You Father will be glorified through what has and will happen through this season in the Bradburn family. Father we ask that You give Pete and Whitney the discernment they need to know when and how to respond to Forester's needs. We pray for rest and sweet sleep for everyone in the Bradburn home. We pray for these things in the mighty name of Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen."

Heather said...

I remember how scary it was to bring Jule home from the hospital. I was so happy to have him home, but I was scared to death at the same time. I pray that God's peace covers you all, and that God will give you & Pete a clear understanding of Forester's needs. Proverbs tells how wisdom finds out knowledge of "witty inventions," and I pray that God gives you guys witty inventions into Forester's needs. I also pray that God would supernaturally relieve any discomfort that Forester has.