Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday was a really good day in the Bradburn household, and it sounds as if today is shaping up that way too!!!

Below are the highlights from Forester's check-up with the neurosurgeon:

  • When Forester first arrived at the doctor's office yesterday, he had a very difficult time walking across the room in a straight line. The doctor expressed concern over this, but after Forester stayed on his feet for a little while, he showed much improvement. He even bent down to pick up a sticker he dropped. The doctor (and of course, Pete & Whitney) loved seeing that!

  • Forester really needs to move around more and more to increase his coordination, reduce his dizziness, and rebuild his muscles. His ankles hurt from walking so much yesterday.

  • His incision is slightly swollen, but this is completely normal. It looks good! The portion of the incision on his neck keeps him from bending his neck and causes him to look down with his eyes only. Apparently, it will just take some time for him to feel comfortable doing this again.

  • When the doctor learned that Forester has had no headaches and has taken no pain medication, she was amazed! Praise God for that!

  • After the appointment, Forester walked all of the way back to the car, which included walking up a flight of stairs!
  • He ate Chick fil A on the way home!

Last night, inspired by some cash he received as a gift from one of you, Forester asked Pete to take him to Walmart to buy Bionicles. He bought 2 - 1 for himself and another 1 for himself. :o) However, when he got home, he spontaneously decided to give 1 to Micah. What a kind and good big brother!

Speaking of Micah... He has spent the last almost 2 weeks away from home and really has no knowledge or understanding of Forester's illness. It's hard for a 4 year old to grasp the severity of any illness, especially cancer, and why it looks like Christmas everyday for Forester and not for himself. He's thinking it would be great to get sick right about now. Please pray for the right amount of understanding for him and for the right amount of fairness in parenting in this situation. Please pray for wisdom for Pete & Whitney in parenting in general and in loving all 3 of their children in this season - hopefully, very brief season - of their lives.

Thanks to a dear childhood friend of Whitney's and a deck of "Would you rather..." cards Forester has laughed and giggled and smiled a lot in the last 2 days. What a huge praise!!!

A few random things: Forester's oncologist has yet to receive the final pathology report. If she does not receive it in time to meet with the Bradburns on Monday before she leaves town on Tuesday, they will have to wait even longer to hear the results and the plan for Forester's treatment. Please pray that this all happens as soon as possible and according to God's timing. Forester still has not asked any questions about his surgery or what lies ahead. He still does not know he had a brain tumor removed and that he has cancer. Please pray for wisdom and guidance and peace for Pete & Whitney in how and when to explain his new life to him. Please continue to pray for Forester for peace and understanding and for protection for his and Micah's hearts and childhoods.

By the way, before 11am today, Forester had already eaten half a bagel, yogurt, dry cereal and 2 tuna fish sandwiches! That's our boy!

Much love & blessings to you and yours,


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Heather said...

Love hearing about all of the improvements! Glad he's back to eating so much! We will continue to cover all of you in prayer.