Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Forester slept well again last night, has eaten more mac & cheese today (surprise!) and has even played video games while sitting up! Now, when he needs/wants something, he actually calls for Pete or Whitney. A huge step! This, however, must be the best part of the day so far: He smiled at Whitney when she said to him, "You're my hero." :o) You know that melted her heart. He still spends a lot of time lying down and staring at the side of the couch, but overall, this is another day of great progress! Praise the Lord for progress!

Since he has started communicating more, Forester shared with Pete & Whitney that he's scared to stand up and sit up because he's worried about vomiting and because it makes him dizzy to do so. Please pray against an upset tummy and dizziness!

Forester has a check-up with Dr. Glazier, his neurosurgeon, tomorrow at 3pm. Please pray for a wonderful report from the surgeon.

Thank you all for your faithfulness!

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